Our story

Established in 2019— by Matteus Ireblad

One Of One® is a Stockholm-based design & streetwear brand founded by Matteus Ireblad. The first ever One Of One® hoodie was sold on the 23th of February 2020 and that’s when the brand was officially founded.

It was all started as a hobby project. It was never an idea to create a business or to make money. The clothes were made for Matteus himself & his friends.

But as the community grew, more people requested the hoodies—

People wanted more. One Of One® then started to make new collections with hoodies, t-shirts, caps and all sort of clothes, everything that the community wanted, liked and so on.
One Of One® OG Zip Hoodie
The first hoodie that put us on the map.

One Of One's first hoodie, was with our famous OG print, still used today. Hand made by Matteus in he's basement at home, not created to be sold or to make money on. It was created because Matteus has always dreamed of creating he's own hoodie.

The print took inspiration from he's roots. The print has the same font as he's father's tattoos, because those provided him with a safe space, but more importantly someone he looked up to.

The first batch of 5 hoodies was used by Matteus and he's friends.
Matteus Ireblad *Founder

Born 2003— Stockholm, Sweden

One Of One® was founded by Matteus during
his time in High School.